How might we connect amateur athletes, personal trainers and sports-brand managers so as to measurably increase athletes performance, trainers clientelle and local sporting brand awareness.


When athletes, trainers, and sports-brand managers are given a platform to connect, all members benefit.

  • The challenge was to understand the true needs of each segment and develop a channel based solution.
  • Importance was placed on designing a platform and marketplace that fostered connection at its core.
  • Emphasis was put on developing a single mobile offering, employing a device agnostic design language.
  • The design objective was to be truly responsive across varying yet cohesive web, iOS and Android experiences.

Personas were designed for three segments


Amateur Athletes

Personal Trainers

Brand Managers

Personas were designed to guide initial user research, interviews and surveys were then conducted with individuals who matched each persona. Afterwards, qualitative analysis identified areas of overlap within the problems areas that each segment shared.


Direct partnerships led to success

Occupational Therapy

Personal Training

The direct partnership of an occupational therapist and personal trainer enabled a successful pilot launch of a demonstrable prototype. Members of our three channel segments suggested they could benefit from an improved upon product offering.


Create a device agnostic design language, facilitate a smooth cross-platform user experience.

  • UX, UI, and visual design improvements such as branding.
  • Development improvements to create/scale a secure database.
  • Store user progress and billing details in private user accounts.
  • Implement native advertising opportunities with local brands.

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